With a busy schedule and a long list of priorities, finding time to shop and focus on your personal style isn’t always easy. But first impressions can only be made once, and the way you present yourself to the outside world is certainly a priority. I provide a unique mix of styling services designed to empower you to present your best self every day! I can help you quickly take control of your closet, coordinate existing pieces into stylish outfits, and source new pieces that will help you revitalize your wardrobe.

Personal style is more than just great clothes and accessories. It is an attitude, a confidence in yourself that is conveyed through your clothing choices. Working with a stylist is a transformative experience. Not only will you look your best, you will feel your best! Once you build a relationship with a stylist, you have an ally devoted to all of your styling needs. This relationship - and a wardrobe that you love! - starts with a conversation about your lifestyle, preferences and style goals. Together, we will discover your unique style!

Complimentary Consultation

It all starts with a one-on-one consultation. Through a friendly, honest and often humorous conversation, you will share with me the ins and outs of your daily life so I can begin to understand your wardrobe needs. Your lifestyle invariably shapes your personal style, so we will ask and answer lots of questions. We will share ideas that will create the building blocks of your personal style - understanding your body type, colors you like to wear, places you like to shop and activities you like to participate in.

The Closet

An unruly or overstuffed closet can make choosing outfits a hassle and leave you feeling like you’ve got “nothing to wear.” Let’s put an end to this closet conundrum! Uncluttering your closet is the first step towards great style. Together, we will go through your wardrobe to identify what you wear and what you don’t wear. Be prepared to try on some pieces! We will talk about which items flatter your shape and why, what you should keep and which pieces need to go.

The Style Edit

Once I get to know your closet, I will be able to help you wear your pieces in new ways. It is almost like we will be shopping in your own closet! Combining different pieces together, you will understand how to create different looks with the pieces you already have. Combining color, pattern and texture is a sure way to convey personal style, but can be difficult to pull off if you’re not sure how to do it. Accessories play a large role in personal style, and we will need to incorporate them as well. Additionally, we will create a list of essentials that may be missing from your closet, or that may need replacing.

The Shop

Once we have identified what you need (as well as what you want), it is time to hit the stores! Depending on your availability, we can shop together, or I can shop on my own. In either case, I will be hunting for the right pieces to complete your needs, as well as source the special items needed to convey your personal style. I shop everywhere, and am happy to take direction from you. Whether you only want high-end designer fashions, or if you are passionate about recycling clothing, I will source items anywhere and everywhere.

If shopping on my own, I will bring my finds to you. Ideally, I come to your home so you can try on the new pieces. Then we can mix and match them with existing items in your wardrobe, as well as any new items I have found for you. I take care of all returns and exchanges, and can help you find a great tailor if needed.

Pricing is available upon request. Pricing is as personal as the styling, and depending on the kind of services you require, I have different pricing models. I work with a wide range of budgets and offer flexible services to match your unique needs and goals.

Jenn has nearly twenty years of experience in fashion and personal management, as well as 7 years experience in the financial industry. As a wife, mother and entrepreneur, Jenn is uniquely qualified to understand the demands of modern life and the value of time and money. Most recently, Jenn worked at Nordstrom as a personal stylist before striking out on her own. She has a BA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and a MBA from Boston University.

Please feel free to contact me, and we can schedule your complimentary consultation.